Weddings Photos That Will Take You Back To Your Special Day!

Wedding photography has been in demand ever since the invention of cameras and photo shoot equipments. Indian weddings especially entail a significant amount of grandeur, planning and rituals that needs to be captured by the best photographers in Bhubaneswar. Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar is a great way to preserve the wedding moments till eternity. if you are looking to hire photography professionals for a great Indian wedding shoot then you can browse at Auromira Weddings. Paying special attention towards your budget, Auromira Weddings’ Wedding Photography in Bhubaneswar is highly affordable and comes in various packages to suit your wedding photo shoot needs.

Begin your search for amazing wedding photos with the best photographers. Giving you something extra and good, choosing to go for Auromira’s wedding photography in Bhubaneswar is surely a plus point for your wedding. Auromira Weddings offers a complete 360-degree audio-visual wedding day experience, in the form of photography, HD video shooting, album designs, events and short films. Auromira Weddings offers different rates for each of these professionals depending on the number of days, number of photographers required and duration of the functions at the wedding. You can search for photographers in Bhubaneswar on the basis of your wedding destination, ratings, popularity and reviews at Auromira Weddings. Our wedding photography in Bhubaneswar captures the beautiful scenario of the wedding day, the rituals, the barati dance, the dinner and the reception. All type of latest cameras and equipments are used by our wedding photographers to make your memories clear and beautiful. They are skilled at capturing the wedding couple, the guests and the entire wedding destination perfectly for you to cherish them for infinity.

Auromira Weddings offers several Wedding Photography Packages in Bhubaneswar. All you need to do is browse through the best wedding photography packages that can make your wedding memorable. The basic Wedding Photography package starts for just Rs. 75,000 wherein you get as many as 350-400 edited clicks that are provided in a pen drive, plus you get a premium album. The top photographers in Bhubaneswar cover 2 days of events along with Auromira Wedding’s complementary pre-wedding couple shoot as a wedding gift from us to the would-be beautiful couple. The next higher package is the wedding Cinematography package which starts at just Rs. 80,000. Choosing to go for wedding cinematography in Bhubaneswar you can get the candid, traditional cinematic clicks and high-end videos, a teaser of 1 minute, a highlight video of 3-4 minutes, DVD video of 40-50 minutes and all raw videos along with the entire regular wedding photography package in Bhubaneswar. You can also try out our special wedding videography package in Bhubaneswar for just Rs. 40,000 to avail camcorder shooting along with highlight and DVD videos.

Auromira Weddings’ high-quality wedding photography in Bhubaneswar is significant in capturing and engaging the attention of your guests along with expert candid shots. Be it destination wedding photography, traditional wedding photography, drone photography for wedding, candid wedding photography, dramatic wedding photography or vintage wedding photography, book now and get the best wedding photography in Bhubaneswar done at highly affordable cost with Auromira Weddings.