Gorgeous welcome drink ideas

22 June,2017   Category : Destination wedding

Welcome drinks are your guests’ first experience at your reception. Will you wow them? Or leave them feeling flat with only a glass of warm fizz for company? Make sure you get your celebration off on the right foot by choosing reception drink with bags of style and flavour. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t even have to be alcoholic but it should taste great and start your party with a bang. We’ve brought together our favourite ideas below to give you all the drinkspiration you will ever need.

Vintage champagne cocktails

A cold glass of champagne or prosecco is a staple of almost every wedding reception. One way to make this idea a little more eye-catching is to serve a vintage style Champagne cocktail. Choose Champagne saucers rather than flutes for added Gatsby style appeal and try a Kir Royale (Champagne and Chambord) or Mimosa (Champagne and Orange Juice) for a splash of colour. Want to get even more theatrical? Try a Champagne tower, where glasses are stacked in a pyramid and bubbly poured over for dramatic effect.

Iced tea

For a high summer wedding, iced tea makes a refreshing and clean opening drink. You can customise iced tea with almost any combination of flavours and with or without alcohol to make it the perfect fit for your wedding. Fresh ingredients, especially fresh herbs make a difference when creating a great iced tea so speak to your venue about the recipe before the day. Serve in long glasses with plenty of ice for maximum flavour.


A punch bowl


Looking for an interesting reception drink that will keep you within budget? Punch is economical, fun and creates a buzz as your reception gets underway. Serve it in generous bowls with alcoholic and none alcoholic options to suit a varied crowd. Add plenty of fruit for colour and taste, then encourage guests to serve themselves. Crowding around the punch bowl is a brilliant way to encourage early mingling and get your guests feeling social.


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