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26 July,2017   Category : Pre Wedding

Pre-wedding photo session usually take place a couple of months before the wedding, and serves as a fabulous opportunity for the couple to bond with the photographer and vice versa. The whole process helps decide upon a suitable shooting style and to become familiar with each other long before the big day arrives. The session is held in a more casual setting than the wedding.

Couples who are not confident being photographed can take this as an opportunity to ease out before the camera because the wedding photo shoot will run a whole lot smoother if the couple feels comfortable with the photographer. The more relaxed the couple is in front of the camera, the better the results of the wedding photography will be. The pre-wedding session can be used to discuss and experiment with any special ideas that one may have in mind.

Another benefit of a pre-wedding shoot is that the couple will be able to acquire professional shots in a natural outdoor environment. Some choose to have their pre-wedding photographs taken at their wedding venue, while some decide to opt for an entirely different location.

And the best part is when a pre-wedding session goes well, you can stop worrying about whether you’ve chosen the right photographer or not! During a pre-wedding shoot, the photographer has the chance to figure out the most flattering angles to use, which lighting techniques will be the most efficient and particularly the couple so that he approaches the wedding day itself with a wealth of ideas.

 Since the session ensures that the final wedding photographs are of the highest possible standard and the couple can have some beautiful and natural images taken looking like themselves rather than like a bride and groom, pre-wedding photography is the new trend!


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